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05 January 2030 @ 07:08 pm
Scrapbook 2010  
tiramisusu7sw8979.png picture by Boltons 

- Grow some big feet, holes in history {enero
I guess this is a goodbye and goodluck  {febrero
Always hanging around {abril
Wishing I could be with you to share the view {junio
- Cuando nadie me ve, puedo ser o no ser  {agosto

Profile Layouts
-Inside all of us is adventure {enero
I could get used to this {febrero
-If there's no you, there's no me {abril
-Yammyy {junio
- Brokenand drunk {agosto

Default Pictures
-♣ California sunshine in my eyes {4enero- 9enero}
© cesoirs
-♣ Let the wild rumpus start {9enero-17enero}
© pink_1lady
-♣ Best part of me {17enero- 7 febrero}
© cabrioles
♣ I just want to be happy {7 febrero -20 febrero}
© sweetestrush

-♣ Make some new mistakes
 {20 febrero -6 marzo}
© babettes

♣ Take a photo of you and me {6 marzo - 10 mayo} 
© sentencesofyrs
Mr England {10 mayo - 16 junio} 
© feelingscanshow
-♣ Let's drop the sun {16 junio-2 agosto} 
© friperies

-◊ Ready for summer {2 agosto
© austre

-Where the wild things are *****
-Australia **
-The terminal *** 
-American Playboy *
-Bridget Jones's diary ***** 
-Los abarzos rotos **
-Mirrors *
-Zohan ***
-Celda 211 ****
-Three wishes **
-The notebook *****
-Death becomes her ****
-Harry Potter and the half-blood prince *****
-Dear John *** 
-Aladdin *****
-Hercules *****
-Pocahontas *****
-Beauty and the Beast *****
-Leap year **** 
-Revolutionary road ***  
-Good luck Chuck
-Don Juan DeMarco ****
-Pinocchio *****
-The Fox and the Hound *****
-Robin Hood (Disney) *****
-The Hunchback Of Notre Dame *****
-Prince of Persia: the sands of time ****
-The Backup plan **
-Tarzan *****
-The little Mermaid *****
-Case 39 ****
-Dumbo ****
-Rec 2 ***
-Gran Torino ****
-The Time Traveler's Wife ****
-Wall-E **** 
-He's Just Not That Into You ***
-PagaFantas ***
-The last song ***
-Inception ****
-Hitch ****
-Toy Story 3 *****
-Dude, ¿where is my car? ****
-RV ***
-SpongeBob squarepants
-Drag me to hell *
-Brüno *

-Hoping for disaster{James Bourne-Future Boy}
-Worried shoes {Karen O & the kids}
-Igloo {Karen O & the kids}
-All is love {Karen O & the kids}
-Where the wild things are sountrack 
-Meet me halfway {The black eyed peas} 
-Forever is over {The Saturdays}
-Party is the USA {Miley Cyrus}
-I don't miss you at all {Selena Gomez}
-I won't apologize {Selena Gomez}
-I got you {Selena Gomez} 
-For Emma {Bon Iver}
-Fight for this love {Cheryl Cole} 
-The blowers daughter {Damian Rice} 
-Obssesed {Miley Cyrus} 
-Fall {The sats} 
-Incinerate {Sonic Youth}
-Hysteric (acoustic) {Yeah yeah yeahs}
-Soft shock {Yeah yeah yeahs} 
-Disney movies soundtracks
`Party girl / I'll be your man {McFLY}

Things I love
Wild Thing
The phantom of the opera?
-Bravo, Daniel, Bravo!
-Back to the future cake
-Demi is a mcflygirl
-Tom I hate you, you teaser. I need to hear more :(  
-This is why I love you guys 
-Call me child  
-We are the champions

(Deleted comment)
I want lacasitos :): ♣ These are the lessons that we choosepink_1lady on July 9th, 2010 08:20 pm (UTC)
Pues como simpre más o menos, cansada y muerta de calor xD
y Tu? :D
(Deleted comment)
I want lacasitos :): ♣ I don't want to change your mindpink_1lady on July 9th, 2010 08:27 pm (UTC)
ah si? jaja que guay! me tendré que dar una vuelta!
si, pongo icons en las comunidades que están en mis links (lateral izquierdo de mi lj)
<33 :D
Andreavetras on February 5th, 2011 12:51 pm (UTC)
hey girl hey
me pareces super interesante. y creo que compartimos los mismos guston en películas O:
amigas? :)